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Kinesiology is a practice that is close to my heart and I want to make a difference in people’s lives. To see the change that happens after a session and how people find healing through movement and experience a greater level of joy, peace, harmony, and wellness through physical, mental emotional and spiritual wellbeing is a personal achievement for me.


I understand healing to move closer to a natural state of wholeness. My aim is to provide a personalized treatment plan that addresses your individual health issues and nurture and guide all who visit me towards greater wellness and self-realization.

The 5 Great Elements of Nature



The Fire Element, within us and around us, gives us the power to break through isolation, loneliness, and alienation that poison the world we live in. The energy of Fire fosters a connection that nourishes body and soul. It dissolves barriers and melts the hatred and narcissism that cut us off from the web of life.

Love is at the heart of the human experience and what makes life worth living. The Fire Element gives us a connection that makes love manifest.


Mental, Emotional and Spiritual


In the Five Elements, nourishment includes more than food for the physical body. Our mental, emotional and spiritual diet is equally important, especially in the Information Age. How you feed your mind – how you take in and process information and experience – is vital to health and happiness. This critical mental function is governed by the energies of the Earth Element within.



Grief in the Five Elements is viewed as a natural emotional response to the loss that comes with life transitions. Grief carries a heavy emotional charge, especially in mainstream Western culture. The unbinding and dissolving of ties – whether in a relationship, community, work, or even our own bodies – can be painful. Yet modern society gives us little guidance for understanding and navigating the pain that comes with loss. Grief is often labeled as illness, confused with depression, and treated with pills.

Grief is not an illness. The Five Elements and ancient Chinese methodologies view grief as a natural part of our emotional landscape. Nature wastes nothing, and grief exists for a reason. Embracing this alternative view of grief can help us process and move through to the next phase of life.




The qualities of the Water Element in the human body/mind/spirit allow us to overcome fear, heal anxiety, and survive through the most difficult life challenges


Anger / Depression


Everyone feels blue from time to time. What does it really mean to be depressed? When is depression an illness? Is it ever a healthy emotional response? If we explore our darker feelings, instead of pushing them away, we can see the roots of depression and heal at a deeper level.


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