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Bruce Lipton – Episode 082

“The picture in the mind is translated into complementary chemistry. So if you have positive chemistry in your mind, then a positive vision is going to come out”

Stem Cell Researcher. Developmental Biologist. Epigenetic Expert. Scientist. Keynote Speaker. Spiritual Scientist. Believer. Author of The Biology of Belief.

There is so much in life which we are yet to discover, but thanks to technology, we are learning an extraordinary amount of new things and are privy to new science and research, each and every day, which is changing our lives and our view of the world. One of the really important and interesting discoveries, is that we now have the science to validate the traditional ways of how we have used things like meditation and beliefs systems to help with our overall wellbeing.

Our guest this week, Bruce Lipton, is a man who knows this all too well, and has spent much of his life and career researching and connecting science with the spiritual world.

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